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I am fortunate enough to own a Lindsay Marcus LM 912CF Ziricote Guitar.

A few things strike me about this instrument are its responsiveness and sensitivity. The guitar  articulates and faithfully responds to every last minute movement of my fingers,  in a very positive way.... something which I always look for in a high-end guitar.

Every vibration reflects the love, passion, dedication and honesty of Luthier Marc Warman and his team at LMGC into making every instrument a guitarist's dream guitar. There’s no need to question the tonal qualities, craftsmanship, materials, tone woods and the overall finish of the guitar as it is at par or better than guitar at three to five times the price. To me this is the real deal.

I am planning a project where I will be in collaboration with Marc and will spec out most of the details on a Custom Build. I can’t wait to see what's in store with my next LM guitar. Thanks Marc!

Gordon Chin, PIFC ......Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

2016 International Open Champion (LM 912-CF)

I would have to describe The Lindsay Marcus guitar as one of the most affordable quality guitars out there with comparable specs of high end guitars from those big guitar brands, without the high cost.
I purchased an 812-CF, which is a Grand Auditorium with Sitka Spruce top and Cocobolo back and sides, with a Florentine Cutaway.
The past four months with my Lindsay Marcus guitar have been the utmost best experience I have had playing any guitar. The sweet sound of this guitar is so pleasant that sometimes I just keep on playing and playing non stop. And it's not just the sound. The guitar is like a piece of furniture by itself in the way it is finished and the grains in the wood. I actually like to leave it in my living room when I'm not playing for presentation.
Overall, I'm still sure about one thing: this guitar is too good for its price.   
Jin Xiang Hooi...Malaysia (LM 812-CF)
I was looking at the Taylor 100 and 200 series laminated guitars. I feel that they are great guitars, but when I compared the prices of the Taylor laminated models to the Lindsay Marcus all Solid Wood models, the price difference was so small, that it just made sense for me to go with the LM Guitar.
I chose a 600 series J45 model with a Sunburst Top and it is such a nice guitar to play. The sound is as good or better than some of my friends more expensive guitars.
The fit and finish on the body and neck is flawless and the sunburst top is just to my liking. I thinks it's beautiful.
My goal is to step up to a 900 series Ziricote model. That's just too nice of wood to pass up.
Mhd. Abdulahh...Malaysia (LM 614-SB)
Hi Marc, I'm having a great time with my new Lindsay Marcus guitar lately, I can hardly put it down!

I love it's tone, especially the deep warm bass and I especially like the look of the back and side woods of the guitar, I find it the most stunning feature so far. I love the gold tuners too, makes it look so classy.


One thing I'm still adjusting to is its size. The GA body's a bit bigger and heavier than I am used to with my old guitar, but I suppose that is due to the all solid wood. 


Upon my visit to Guitar Lair, I can only say that I have gained much more knowledge about guitars, not only did I get the guitar I desired but also an eye opening experience. Thank you Marc for your precious time and guidance.



Sue Ern.......Malaysia (LM 612-CV)

I was immediately indulged with the LM 814-N (Cocobolo) from the first strum. I was totally impressed with the subtle tone , the crispness of the treble notes and the great bass. I just had to have it,,,and so I did. I've never looked back. 


The action is wonderful, making it very easy for me to play and the fit and finish is impeccable. With the Cocobolo wood, It is a stunning guitar to look at.


My Lindsay Marcus guitar is indeed a keeper.



Mohd Mun....Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (LM 814-N)  

First of all I would like to say thank you for recommending and sharing your expertise and knowledge on guitars.


The Lindsay Marcus (Model 613) that I purchased from you has never been a regret. I love the clear and awesome sound and the attention to details on wood selection and the finishing of the guitar is so fine you can't get it else where for the same price.


I will definitely be coming back for another guitar for myself and my Son. I wish you all the best and please don't stop making awesome high quality guitar for everyone to enjoy. 


For the new owner and soon to be owner of a Lindsay Marcus Guitar....try one and you definitely will love it. 




Jonathan Tang....Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (LM 613)  

After following your facebook page for a while, I decided to pay Marc a visit at Lindsay Marcus Guitars and The Guitar Lair. This will ultimatley be one of the best decisions of my life!


Within 10 minutes I found the sound I was looking for in a guitar. Great sustain, clear trebles, strong mid tone and a strong bass note that I could feel vibrating thru my body each time I played it. Clear note separation, very responsive to light and heavy playing.


The neck profile is super comfortable and the string height that you adjusted for me made the guitar a joy to play. It's just like your other testimonials say, your guitars are really hard to put down. I find myself playing longer without the fatigue i had with my other guitars. I'm enjoying every strum , every note.. hey , even my mistakes sound good. ( that's a good thing, I think ! ) .


I was previously always oogling over the ever unaffordable big name brands out there, but I finally found the sound I was looking for and it's affordable ! I don't think the taylors, the Martins or Lowdens sound better than my guitar. They just sound different. And I like the sound of my guitar, what more could be asked for ? Thanks a million Marc.  




Ng Yew Seng....Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (LM 614)  

I purchased my Lindsay Marcus 612-CF back in January 2016.
As a beginner student, my instructor advised me to not spend a fortune, but to look for a good quality all solid wood acoustic guitar.
Not having too much idea of where to go, it was recommended by some friends that I visit Marc and check out his new guitar line. That's how I first laid eyes and hands onto a Lindsay Marcus guitar. When I showed my new Lindsay Marcus guitar to my teacher, he was very impressed with my choice and thought I had spent a lot more than I actually did.
I can honestly say, that as a student, this guitar is very much more easy and enjoyable to play than anything else I have tried. I love this guitar, play it as often as I can and my practice sessions keep getting longer and longer. I can notice the improvement on my playing and my teacher has observed that also.
I don't see the need to even look for a better guitar as my technique improves. This is it. Thanks Marc and thanks to the Lindsay Marcus Guitar Company for building me such a wonderful guitar.
Gregory H.....Singapore (LM 612-CF)
After playing guitars for 35 years and collecting 12 of my own, I decided that I would check out Multi Scale guitars to see if they would help me improve on my playing style.
I looked at several different Guitar Companies and even checked out a few Luthiers to see what was available.
I ended up being referred to Marc at Lindsay Marcus Guitars and had a look at his FF Models.
I chose a 900 series with the Ziricote tonewood because the grain is just beautiful and the sound is so sweet and bell-like, I chose a soft cutaway model and it has turned into one of my most favoured guitars.
I recommend to anyone looking for quality and value in an exotic wood guitar to check out Lindsay Marcus Guitars.
Great Job..Great Guitar. Thanks.
Joel ......Ottawa, Canada (LM 917-FF-CV)

I am writing to let you know how  pleased I am with the Lindsay Marcus Cutaway Guitar you recommended to me when I visited the wonderful Guitar Lair.


As you know I am rediscovering the joys of playing guitar after 30 years of not picking one up. 


The tone and sound of the Lindsay Marcus is rich, and the craftsmanship is magnificent. I barely have to re tune it when I pick it up each session.


The excellent combination of woods, materials and craftsmanship could not have been afforded had I bought a more established brand of guitar.


The quality of this guitar is excellent, providing amazing value for such a high end guitar. My teacher Azmad who plays with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra has commented several times how fine the instrument it is.    


My dream now is that my guitar playing will move up to reasonable  level to do this instrument justice.


Thanks for taking the time help my choose this great instrument which surpassed my expectations.




David S. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (LM 612-CF)

The first time I heard of Lindsay Marcus Guitars was when a friend of mine was playing one in Canada while performing at a Guitar Festival.


He allowed me to try it out and I immediatley became interested enough to visit Marc, the Owner of Lindsay Marcus Guitars and try out some various models.


I collect guitars and have some fairly expensive ones in my collection, but when I compared the 900 series Ziricote Lindsay Marcus to those, I just could feel the value and tone difference, Wow was all I can say.


I settled on a 911 model, a Dreadnought with Sitka Spruce and Ziricote. Stunning to look at and fantastic sound for a fraction of the cost from other builders.


I was sold then and there and still am. Great Guitars!




Rusty Cabeza....Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (LM 911)  

At first I was looking for a Taylor K24ce , but found the price a bit overpriced for me.


Then I found The Guitar Lair Boutique where I tried Lowden, Maestro and Lindsay Marcus Guitars.


All I could say is that it was hard for me to decide between these three, but given the prices quoted, the decision was quite easy.


The Lindsay Marcus Guitar was totally in my budget and gave me the best value. I purchased the LM 713 Sitka Spruce with Madagascar Rosewood OM and am very happy with that decision.

My Lindsay Marcus guitar looks like a true custom built guitar and the headstock reminds me of some other famous and much more expensive guitars. LM also uses some more collector exotic wood for their other series that share their lovely tone.


All I can say is that Marc, the Owner at Lindsay Marcus Guitars is the kind of person who really understands guitars and customers and how to build the tone and response in a guitar.

E'ern "Ian" Cheng....Alor Setar, Malaysia (LM 713)

Message From Marc


I work hard to build first class acoustic guitars where quality of build, materials, cosmetics and especially tone are not compromised.

I will provide musicians, with the best possible value in an instrument.

That's a promise you can count on!




Purchase your Lindsay Marcus Guitar today and get yourself a beautiful instrument at a bargain of a price.


Maybe the next testimonial on this page will be yours!


Lindsay Marcus Guitars are only available thru our distributor 

 The Guitar Lair.


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