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Body Shapes and Dimensions

Grand Auditorium
Orchestra Model
J45 Styled Sloped - D

The "Dreadnought" is a type of acoustic guitar body developed by C.F. Martin and Company.


The Dreadnought style is utilized by many other guitar manufacturers and is now a common style of guitar body.


The dreadnought guitar body is larger than most others and  results in a more bolder and often louder, fuller tone.


The distinctive marks of a Dreadnought guitar are square shoulders and bottom.


The neck is normally attached to the body at the 14th fret.


Dreadnought guitars are also known as "D-size" guitars, and often reffered to by some musicians as "dreads."


The Lindsay Marcus  (Dread) Dreadnought Body models are available in a full body configuration or with either an optional Florentine or Venetian  cutaway.

The "Grand Auditorium" guitar is very similar in design to the Grand Concert, but slightly wider and deeper.


The Grand Auditorium is also referred to as the G.A.


The body is slightly wider and longer than the O.M. and as a result it displas a very balanced and rounded tone.


It posesses a great volume and dynamic range with more than ample low-end response.


The ergonomics are similar to a classical style, making this body styles very comfortable to hold and play making it one of the  most popular models.


The Lindsay Marcus (GA)  Grand Auditorium Body models are available in a full body configuration or with either an optional  Florentine or Venetian cutaway.

The "Orchestra Model," was first introduced in 1929 by C.F. Martin and Company.


Since then it has become the most popular guitar model among all style of  guitarists from fingersylists to Flatpickers.


Commonly referred to as the "O.M." the compact shape makes this guitar easy to handle onstage or when sitting on the couch.


With a slightly shallower body than most other guitars, the OM emits a very well balanced tone with great attack, and immediate response.


Paired with a variety of choice tonewoods, the OM can possibly be the most versatile and loved acoustic steel string guitar now in existence.


The Lindsay Marcus (OM)   Orchestra Model Body model is  available in a full body configuration or with  either an  optional Florentine or Venetian cutaway.

The J-45 style model was developed by the Gibson Guitar Corporation and introduced back in 1942. It was Gibson's answer and competitor to the popular C.F. Martin & Company's "D" line Dreadnought Guitars.


Similar to a Dreadnought in size, it has rounded shoulders on the upper bout and has a bit  slightly narrower waist.


Some famous musicians who have used the J45 include Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Donovan, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor to name a few.


The J-45 is known for its warm bass sound and good projection. It has immense projection and a rich fullness that is unique only to this particular body size.


The Lindsay Marcus  J45 Style Body models are available in a full body configuration only. A choice of a rich Vintage Tobacco Sunburst or Natural finish Top is an option

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