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The Lindsay Marcus Guitar Company is the longtime dream, become reality of it's Founder, Marc Warman.

The Company Name itself is derived from the combination of his first name "Marc" and his middle name "Lindsay", hence Lindsay Marcus.


The name also pays tribute to Marc's old band "The Lindsay Marcus Band" from back in the day when Marc enjoyed playing Country and Rock & Roll music with the boys....a long time ago he claims.

Over the years, Marc has learned what it takes to build an exceptional acoustic guitar and after working with several outstanding Luthiers, he has taken the best of the best techniques and incorporated them it into the design of the Lindsay Marcus Guitars.


The main focus of The Lindsay Marcus Guitar Company is to build first class acoustic guitars  where quality of build, materials, cosmetics and tone are not compromised and to provide musicians with the best possible value in their instrument.


The result is a line of Acoustic Guitars that rival any of the larger Branded Name Companies at a fraction of the cost.


If you have not yet held, played, listened to or felt the vibrance of a Lindsay Marcus Guitar, then you should make that a priority if you are looking for a new musical companion.

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