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900 Series

Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra )

Origin: Belize, Mexico, Central America



Zircote is one of the most visually appealing tonewoods used on guitars today. It bears intense and  wonderful colors and has a striking overapping type grain.


A hard, dense tonewood, it is not a member of the Rosewood family but eminates  tonal properties associated with Macasar Ebony and Rosewood, offering more clarity than Rosewood but more overtones than Macassar.


It has excellent low dampening qualities with a clean resonant echo-like character. Zircote pairs well with almost any top, however Spruce brings out a wide variety of tones and sound to the stage.

The 900 Series Lindsay Marcus Guitars come in FIVE Bodies.


911 - Dreadnought Body

912 - Grand Auditorium (GA) Body

913 - Orchestra Model (OM) Body

914 - J45 Sloped D Body

917 - Fan Fret / Multi Scale Body


Bodies are available in a FULL BODY configuration or with optional Sharp Florentine (CF) or Soft Venetian (CV) CUTAWAYS and with optional SUNBURST (SB) or NATURAL (N) Tops.



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