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800 Series

Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa )

Origin: Central America, Pacific Coast


Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood that carries sunrise hues of red, yellow, pink, and black, occasionally streaked with green, purple, and blue. In some boards, a creamy white sapwood borders the colorful heartwood.


Cocobolo is dense and stiff. with a fairly bright tone. Sonically, it resonates deep on the low end, and yet provides clear precise trebles. It has a great responsive attack, with good sustain. It exhibits strong resonance and rich overtones


Cocobolo  suits most  playing styles and suits guitarists who desire a Rosewood sound with  a little more brilliant high end treble.

The 800 Series Lindsay Marcus Guitars come in FIVE Bodies.


811 - Dreadnought Body

812 - Grand Auditorium (GA) Body

813 - Orchestra Model (OM) Body

814 - J45 Sloped D Body

817 - Fan Fret / Multi Scale Body


Bodies are available in a FULL BODY configuration or with optional Sharp Florentine (CF) or Soft Venetian (CV) CUTAWAYS and with optional SUNBURST (SB) or NATURAL (N) Tops.



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