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700 Series

Madagascar Rosewood (Dalbergia baronli)

Origin: Island of Madagascar South East Coast of Africa


Visually, Madagascar Rosewood is stunning with it's pronounced and often random red or rust colored grains. It is very close in appearance to the coveted, more rare and extremely expensive Brazilian Rosewood, with only slight color variations.


Madagascar Rosewood is not a  protected species yet, however it is becoming scarce as demand for it is strong. It is also a little lighter in weight than some other rosewood species which can account for the benitit of an additional sonic liveliness that surpasses most other tonewoods, including the coveted Brazilian Rosewood.


The tonewwod has a mellow warm and strong tone with a noticeably strong sustain.

The 700 Series Lindsay Marcus Guitars come in FIVE Bodies.


711 - Dreadnought Body

712 - Grand Auditorium (GA) Body

713 - Orchestra Model (OM) Body

714 - J45 Sloped D Body

717 - Fan Fret / Multi Scale Body


Bodies are available in a FULL BODY configuration or with optional Sharp Florentine (CF) or Soft Venetian (CV) CUTAWAYS and with optional SUNBURST (SB) or NATURAL (N) Tops.

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