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600 Series

East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)

Origin: Northern and Eastern India


The vast majority of the higher quality steel string guitars made over the last thirty years have been made from Indian Rosewood. Many of the world's top Luthiers actually prefer it to other roswood species like Brazilian Rosewood for several reasons.


It is a beautiful wood, it is plentiful and sustainable, the cost is relatively low compared to other species, it is easily to work with and the sound produced by Indian Rosewood guitars is superlative.


The color of Indian Rosewood ranges from red to light brown with golden streaks, but more often runs to various shades of purple-brown or a rich brown color.

The 600 Series Lindsay Marcus Guitars come in FIVE Bodies.


611 - Dreadnought Body

612 - Grand Auditorium (GA) Body

613 - Orchestra Model (OM) Body

614 - J45 Sloped D Body

617 - Fan Fret / Multi Scale Body


Bodies are available in a FULL BODY configuration or with optional Sharp Florentine (CF) or Soft Venetian (CV) CUTAWAYS and with optional SUNBURST (SB) or NATURAL (N) Tops.

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